Organize Your Life and Streamline Your Processes so You Can Find More Time for What Matters Most!

What's Happening in Your Life?

  • Getting Married?
  • Or Divorced?
  • Are You Merging Households?
  • Having an Estate Sale?
  • Moving into a New Home?
  • Need to Downsize?
  • Growing a Small Business?
  • Moving or Relocating Offices?
  • Need Senior Services?
  • Interested in Legacy Planning?


Offering custom solutions, systems and strategies that enhance your personal efficiency and professional growth — so that you have time for what matters most.

    • Personal & Professional
    • Residential
    • Corporate & Small Business
    • Transitions
    • Legacy Planning
    • Merging Households
    • Moving Strategies
    • Downsizing
    • Senior Services

    Digital: LegacyWorks GOLD

    With your purchase of the LegacyWorks Gold, you will receive a link to download the following Microsoft Word documents. 

    This link will expire 24 hours after it's first clicked.

    Here is a list of the fillable forms that you'll receive:

    1. Personal Data

    2. Immediate Contacts

    3. Medical Info, Legal Docs & Meds

    4. Legal & Financial Information

    5. Info & Passwords for Technology

    6. Location of Special Data & Items

    7. Funerary Wishes Final Arrangements

    8. The Big List

    9. Distribution of Personal Items

    10. The Brys 99 – Questions All About You

    11. LegacyWorks Letters - Basic, Apology, Love, Regrets, Secrets

    PLUS! Lisa is also including a BONUS letter "Where Are You?" for you to complete and give to your family and friends.



    Hello, it's nice to meet you!

    I'm Lisa Brys! I help people get & stay organized. I am a Professional Organizer, Efficiency Expert, Speaker, Trainer & Coach. 

    My personality driven, collaborative process is a game-changer for the management and easy maintenance of many pain points in your life: Activity, Clutter, Paper, Space, Time


    Thank you, Lisa, for the great job you did organizing my office with 38 years of files. It was such a mess, and you did such a beautiful job. All of us appreciate knowing where things are now & where they belong. You are wonderful! Thanks a million!
    — Dorothy Brandt, Owner - The Official Sacramento Valley Entertainment Guide & Directory
    Lisa Brys is a joy to work with, and had some wonderful ideas for organizing and making my office feel more like my own. She sees the potential of what is already working, and comes up with systems for those things that aren’t. Her systems can really work for you. Thanks again, Lisa!
    — Norman Brulé, Clinical Trials Program Manager, UC Davis MIND Institute
    Jen and I had Lisa come over and help us organize our home. We are so thrilled with the results she has provided for us. Not only does our place look the best it ever has, but Lisa also helped us implement easy systems that are allowing us to live in a new clutter-free way. If you need anything organized, call Lisa! She is so loving and nonjudgmental. I just wished we had called her sooner. She is very affordable. Thank you so much Lisa!
    — Allen & Jen Knight