I Am Legacy

Hello, my name is legacy.  I live in every human being.  I’m not the body shell that will be left behind after death or the essence of someone having lived here.

I live in the heart of every man in the choices I make, the one’s already ordained for me and how I react to those choices that affect my life.  Sometimes I am honored for the good accomplishments in life and sometimes noted for the bad ones.

I live for generations, though centuries, and am imbedded in the annals of time. I only pray that I am not quickly forgotten in the hearts of those I love.  

We all have an indelible mark to leave here on earth before, during, and after we die.  A story so personal as to where we lived and the things we did or did not do during our time here.  What’s your story? What steps have you taken to log your legacy for your family? How do you want the people in your life to remember you?

It has been my experience that different personalities plan for and experience me differently: planners, thinkers, connectors, and movers.  Which one are you? Read on to get to know me better.

I am a PLANNER; a visionary, I follow all the rules, respect authority, am loyal, dependable, and prepared.  I have a strong sense of right and wrong and I need to be useful...to belong. I am faithful, stable, and organized.  I value my home, family, and tradition.

I am a great caring parent and a helper.  I believe that work comes before play and am very “duty” driven, able to lead others in my home and at work.

My love language is quality time

I am usually the first born in a family

My personality will want to preplan it all (trust, healthcare directive, burial).  I want to have all my affairs in order to help the next generation. Sort of an exit check off list.  You will love that I have done this for you saving you time and money. I want quality burial items and go out in class!

I will leave a legacy because it’s the right thing to do!

I am a THINKER; I seek knowledge and understanding, and I am analytical and conceptual.  I like living life by my own standards. I need explanations and answers, but I am cool, calm and collected in the process.  I value intelligence, insight, fairness and justice. A problem solver and I am abstract, investigative, logical, inventive.

I often find myself deep in thought.  My work is my play because I love to develop models, explore ideas and build systems to satisfy my innovative mind.  Once I have perfected my idea, I like to leave it to others to maintain. It’s hard for me to express my feelings and feel uneasy when my emotions control me.

I never did well with drill and routine like others and I found myself questioning authority.  I had to respect my teachers before I chose to learn from them.

My love language is acts of service

I am somewhere in the beginning or near the end, but not the ghost child

I will first trust someone before I allow him or her to help me with my legacy

I may want to invent something useful to leave behind, something that will last for generations, practical and useful.  I don’t much care how you bury me!

I am a CONNECTOR; I need to feel unique and authentic.  I look for meaning and significance in this life because I need to contribute. I am compassionate, communicative, idealistic, spiritual, flexible, imaginative, and sincere.  I value integrity and unity and I like to encourage others to gain knowledge and peace. I am a true romantic, a nurturer and idealistic. I love to influence others to lead a significant life.  I work in the “helping” professions.

I remember when I was young and imaginative, so it was difficult to fit in a structure.  I am very sensitive, so I respond to encouragement rather than competition. I have always cherished small gestures of love.

My love language is words of affirmation

I am the ghost child, also known as the middle child

I will do my legacy because I want to make sure my family is taken care of

When I leave, I hope you felt loved and remember all the fun times we had.  I would like you to sign my coffin with love notes and sentimental trinkets.

I am a MOVER; I act at a moments notice.  You will find that I am witty, spontaneous, generous, optimistic, bold and impactful.  I consider my time here a game. It has to be fun, have variety and I seek out excitement, however, I value skill, resourcefulness and courage!  I get bored easily with structure, I need to be free, and after all, I am a natural performer.

I actually had a difficult time in school because fitting into the academic routine was not fun.  I learn by doing and experiencing rather than by listening and reading.

My love language is physical touch and gifts

I am the baby!

I have pictures that spell out my legacy, but you will have to help me with the paperwork!

I want to go out with wine in one hand, sliding into heaven, saying, “let’s party!”  I want you to remember all the great adventures we had. I don’t want a conventional funeral; make it a party with a Hawaiian theme!

So you can see that some people will be known for being able to look into and prepare for the future like Nikola Tesla. Some will be known for great accomplishments like Albert Einstein. Some people will be known in this life for their kindness like Mother Teresa.  While others will be known for infamy like Jesse James

All have left their indelible mark.

At times I have suffered great atrocity.  I have been a victim of a brutal crime perpetrated by others and it will be up to others to keep my name alive.  Young or old, or somewhere in between, I lived here, even if it was for a brief moment, I was here. I always live on in the hearts and minds of those who loved me.  Sometimes I drift in and out of this life, quietly, so quiet sometimes that my “mark” had made little imprint. Sometimes I shine. I come in noisy and my mark is huge even though, I may be little.  I used the God-given talent here on Earth to help others. I may have even invented the cure for cancer!

We are all “Legacy”.  Legacy simply means “Difficult to replace”.

I am difficult to replace because I am unique and special to each and every human being and to animals.  None of us the same, yet made uniquely by the Master’s Hand.

Did your pet leave a legacy on your heart?  

We all leave an indelible mark on this life, a permanent stain so to speak.  Big or small, the stain that either has good memories attached to it or bad, sometimes a result of our fault and at other times, the result of what was done to us.  We can wash it, bleach it, color it, or leave it and hope no one notices it if it is a really bad stain.

So the question is what kind of indelible mark do you want to leave when you’re gone?

The song “Legacy” by Nichole Nordeman reads, “I want to leave a legacy, how will they remember me, did I chose to serve, to love.”  Legacy is all about the How and the Why!

What does love have to do with legacy? Let me use an example of the greatest love:

Jesus Christ He humbly came to earth

Lived poorly      Served greatly

Was crucified    Died

Rose                     Bridged the gap between God and man

Lives again!       Over 2,000 years of legacy and we still talk about him.

He loved so deep and God loved us so deep to send him.  Legacy in Motion!

Although there have been great kings and queens, you don’t have to be rich to leave a legacy! The funniest part about all of this talk is you can’t bury me as though I never existed; even a nameless child has a legacy.  My real work begins when your life ends and that’s how Legacy works.

I am LegacyWorks.  I will help you to assist your loved ones before a major transition. I am private and confidential.  I am far more than just a will, power of attorney or medical directives. I am a comprehensive representation of what individuals want their families and friends to know about them and their final wishes. I am a vital and thoughtful guide which includes everything but legal documentation.  Are you curious? Want to learn more?  Contact Lisa Brys at 916-205-5034.

Based in part on “Personality Lingo” by Mary Miscisin

Business Etiquette Tips

Did you know?

  • It is never appropriate for a woman to place her purse on a dining table, no matter how small.  She should place the bag on her lap, under her chair, or on a purse hang.
  • Attendees at business events should always wear their name badge on the right hand side, not the left. This is to assure easy reading while shaking hands.
  • Handshake requires from each person a firm grip of the webbing, also known as the thenar space. It is acceptable for a brief head bow if person is unable to shake hands.
  • When eating “family style", you must pass the plates to the right. Servers will serve from the left.
  • When eating a roll with butter, always break off only a small portion of the bread, then butter it as you eat it. Do not butter an entire roll at a time.
  • Soup is spooned away from you toward the center of the bowl to keep from spilling. It's okay to have a chest napkin.
  • Your napkin should never be placed on the table until everyone leaves the table at the end of the meal. Place it on your chair if you must leave the table during the meal.
  • "Hi" is not considered an appropriate response to an introduction. Try saying “Hello.” Wow, what a difference! It is true, say it with your complete name, slowly and clearly.
  • When you invite someone to lunch, YOU are the one to pick up the tab at the restaurant, not the guest.
  • Ending a meeting: The host signals the end by standing and offering his hand to the guest, thanking at least one of the guests for coming.
  • Phone calls should be brief, well organized and businesslike.
  • Of course you know that you should NEVER use your napkin to blow your nose! Always use a tissue or a handkerchief and dispose of properly.
  • Never be on your cell phone during a meal. It's considered rude and improper to be on your cell phone while eating a meal.
  • Be present while with any individual in regards to cell phone use. If you must accept a call, excuse yourself and keep it brief. 
  • When attending networking functions, events or meetings, keep your cell phone silent and resist the urge to check it consistently. 

Interview with Lisa Brys — By local Realtor® Marie Wallace

TimeWorks Professional Organizing in Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park — Meet the Owner Lisa Brys


Describe your business.  

I organize. I help you understand yourself and those you live and work with in terms of organizing. I love what I do because it's a passion. I am certified in true colors personality assessment. So, it's not just about organizing and putting everything in it's place, it's more about getting to know you. So, I am an organizing strategist.

What made you decide to open this business?

I worked in the corporate world for many years. I had an automatic knack for organizing people. Every time somebody came into the office, I did administrative work, so people would say, Oh Lisa can organize you. So, I would go in there and I would organize them ergonomically, set up their files, etc. And I found I really loved it. It was just a natural thing for me. So after my kids went off to college. I went back to college myself to find out what I really wanted to do and it kept going back to organizing people. So, I just started on the side and people were really on board with it and they loved it and it just grew and grew from there.

What was it like when you first started?

I actually reinvented the wheel. When I first started I hadn't heard of a professional organizer. I didn't know what they did or where to find the resources I needed. So, I reinvented the wheel and did all the research myself only later to find an organization called NAPO. Which is the National Association of Professional Organizers. I got hooked up with them and I was able to get the word our. I did 250 speaking engagements, just about everywhere to be able to get the word out about what a professional organizer really did. Later I was recognized by the President of NAPO who said "Thank you for getting us on the map". So, now people know what professional organizers do. And I just love it!!

What has surprised you most when owning a business?

Well, I think the biggest surprise is the cost of media. And the cost of doing business in terms of marketing and getting it out there. You always think you can hang up a shingle and start doing business. My business is all about connecting and about meeting people, but we need the social media, the websites, the brochures, the media material. So for all that to be done correctly, using other professionals, can be the biggest business cost. There's 135 areas of business. Even if we could do them all, we couldn't do them by ourselves.

What would your customers say they love most about your business?

I would say it's personal. It's about how the client functions. It's not about being clean and neat and everything. Because each personality organizes differently. So, it's not just one size fits all. It's really about getting a plan and a strategy for the individual person and being able to move forward on that plan and get them organized. And then have them maintain it once you're gone. That's the biggest thing about organizing. It's not only about getting you to that place, but the longevity of staying there afterward and being able to manage it.


What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had working with a customer?

There are so many. And I am going to date myself, because I have been doing this for over 30 years. There are so many stories and each one is wonderful and has a great outcome. Because we have found priceless treasures that cannot be replaced. Besides finding uncashed checks, lost jewelry, money, heirlooms, pictures of the past that people recovered. I'm going to guess it's about an 81 year old woman. She needed a loan.

So, I was called in through a state business to help her. She was a hoarder and needed to clear her space. What I found out was that everyone has a story and a reason. So, for me, it's about finding out how I can help them and what went wrong along the way. It's not about the hoarding. I always tell everyone, if you've ever had an injury, a death or divorce or any kind of trauma in your life, it could get you unorganized. All of us are organized to a certain extent or we wouldn't be able to function, however, it's only when it gets out of control. and the only two items for organizing, getting crazy on you is when you can't find what you need when you need it. And if it impedes your movement where you have to walk around it to get to what you need and the place is extremely cluttered. So, this 81 year old woman had a story.

She was very hesitant to have me there. She figured that I was going to make her clean everything up and put labels on it and make it neat, and that wasn't something she was interested in. So, she said "you're not going to make me clean up my stuff", I said, "I'm not here to do that", she said, "well why are you here", I said to her " well, you need that loan don't you"? and she said "Yes"." Well, I'm here to help you". So we began. It ended up being really fun. We laughed a lot, we did a lot, but we got it cleared. She continued it long after I left. Needless to say, she did get the loan. But what the story was, was when she was a little girl they were really poor in Arkansas. Behind there house was a ravine. And in that ravine people threw old washers and dryers and refrigerators and a bunch of junk.

They were so poor that she would go and pilfer little things off these broken items to make their house work. So what she was doing was reverting into that scarcity again and feeling because she didn't have any money that she would have to hold onto things to be able to make her stuff work or sell it. So, she was stuck in that mindset. She was the most fascinating one because the outcome was she got the loan she needed.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you want customers to know about?

|Absolutely!! Thank you for asking. I have a new product called LegacyWorks. You know how you have your will, trust, health care directive, all of those things are legal. That's what Legacy Works is not. What it is, is it's organized. It takes all of those legal issues and things and puts it in a beautiful binder that you hand to your executor or your family. It has several items in it that really help. You have love letters to your children, list of where your pass codes are, It's like you're gone and I'm your executor. All I want to know is where is its location, how do I find it? So, we have that in place. Let's say you have your pass codes in a safe. O.K. what's the combo to the safe? That kind of stuff. So, it's really wonderful to have all this LegacyWorks all put in a package and just be able to hand it down. My kids were absolutely thrilled to have it. Then in that we also have questions we ask you to build on your story. How to write your own obituary. It's a lot of fun. There's a lot of things in it that bring out the works of your legacy. So, I'm really excited about it.

What is something most people don't know about the business?

What they don't know, is often it cost less than they thought to have an organizer come in and have their business or their home organized. Most people think, it's taken me 30 years to get this built up, it's going to take me 30 years to get this undone. But not when you put a plan together and you sit down with a strategist who knows what they are doing, who knows what tools are out there, who knows your personality type and knows how to help you. It's easy to move forward with that plan. Because at that point you can ask a friend to grab a mocha and get going. You don't want to ask a sister or relative to help you, because if they don't understand organizing they are going to make you throw your stuff away, and if you throw your stuff away, often there's regrets, liabilities, all sorts of things.

I think it costs less than most people thought and once they get organized it frees them to do what really matters to them in life. Which is really amazing. And, the fact is, if you own a small business, I am also a tax write off. So your getting a double whammy. Your getting organized and your able to write it off on your taxes as well. So, I'm excited about that because people say, I like having you here because your helping me in so many ways. I also had the great fortune to do a radio program. East Lawn Mortuary was my sponsor. They decided to take a chance with this newbie. We called it the Lisa Brys show. It was on am 1380 KTKZ the Salem network. It was conservative intelligent talk. It was your boomer connection. Everything we talked about were boomer issues. It was a lot of fun. We had a lot of big game players telling their story about how they got started. Sort of like this. They asked me if I would do that again, and who knows, maybe I will do it again in the future.

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

First, is setting my own schedule. I remember driving to San Francisco for an appointment one time when I first started. And sitting in my car at 10 am, I said "I'm Free". And I'm doing what I love. I'm doing what my gift, and my passion and my talents are and I am able to serve others and I am able to do all of this in the confines of my own business. After I left the corporate world I remember the girls I used to work with said, "when are you coming back Lisa"? We miss you, we love you". I said, " I love you all too, but I have to let you know, my boss is really good to me"!

My other passion would be to help other people find their gift and talents, and I feel I do that through organizing, because now I am freeing up their time to do what they like, like go on a bike ride or hike, go have coffee with a friend, spend time doing research and even take their business to the next level. That is what I love doing. Because I feel when your successful, I'm successful because I was a part of it.

Do you have any advice that you want to share with other entrepreneurs?

Yes, if I could say anything else, it's to at least seek the help of a professional. Whether it's a professional coach, a professional organizer or anyone else that can help you in the beginning, so that you could set up systems so you can grow. Because what happens is, let's say you make widgets. You get in there and make widgets, all of a sudden the office get's out of control and it's because your good at making widgets. Remember the 135 areas of business? Well, that's not what your gift is, your gift is making widgets. So, by getting a process and a method to work that process just for you, and your personality, your able to be free to make the best widgets possible. And then you can hire the best talents. Then they just learn your system.

What do you love about this neighborhood?

I love that we all get to choose where we live. I love Folsom, El Dorado Hills, etc. The people are all wonderful. You meet them on the street and they always have a smile and say hello. It's so nice wherever you go, you always feel welcome.

What are your favorite places to go in the neighborhood?

There's a lot of things. There's the local coffee shops and getting to know the people. We love the parks. We take our grand kids to. Their involved with sports, baseball, football. So, we love doing all that and getting to know people. But I also love to go to yard sales and thrift stores and consignment stores, because their all so much fun. I just think everything in this neighborhood is wonderful. It's just a great place to be.

Why do you think it's important for people to shop local?

I think No. 1 is trust and reputation. Because we're local, local people get to know you. They get to trust you and get to know you and they get to hear about you from other people, to make sure you have a good reputation. I believe it also saves time and money when you shop local. I also think it's the human element of connection. I'm all about sitting one on one and getting to know your story. Because to me, that's the most fascinating part of life, is someone's story. Just like you interviewing me today, you have gotten something about my story. I just love that connection. That human element that is often not there when you are shopping in a corporate chain.

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