Leave an Indelible Legacy

What Legacy Do You Want to Leave?

LegacyWorks is a valuable resource guide created by Lisa Brys to assist your loved ones before a major transition. It is private and confidential.  It is far more than just a will, power of attorney or medical directives.

LegacyWorks is a comprehensive representation of what individuals want their families and friends to know about them and their final wishes. It is a vital and thoughtful guide which includes everything but legal documentation. 

LegacyWorks will do the following:

  • Reduce stress and confusion for your family to help them locate important information and documents.
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality equal to that of trusts, wills, powers of attorney or medical directives.
  • Provide location of - or access to - technology passwords, important paperwork, financial documents, personal papers, banking info, and many other items or details you may not have considered.

What is LegacyWorks?

LegacyWorks is a package of MS Word® documents that you complete on the computer by simply filling in the information that is relevant to you. This information is everything you would want your family and friends to know if you were to become incapacitated or die… tomorrow.

What you choose to include in your personal LegacyWorks is entirely up to you. Where and how you choose to store your LegacyWorks is up to you. And, most importantly, whom you choose to share your LegacyWorks with is up to you. Bottom line, someone needs to know that you have prepared these vital documents and where they can be located when needed.

Exactly what will you include in your LegacyWorks package?

It’s everything from your personal data and financial information to your medical history, final wishes and so much more. The “more” is all about you. It’s your unique history. It’s the letters you want given to people after you die. It’s answers to questions that only you can answer because it’s about you, your thoughts and preferences.

Order a LegacyWorks today, and give your family the best gift ever. Your legacy.

Choose from Two Packages

LegacyWorks Platinum

This is my Premium Platinum Package where I will personally execute the entire LegacyWorks system completely for you.

Simply leave everything up to me and I will take care of each and every detail with compassion and laser sharp precision.

LegacyWorks Gold

For those who enjoy doing things themselves, this package is for you!

If tomorrow, you were to die or become incapacitated, do your friends and family know how to implement your final wishes or help you carry on with your life until you recover?

Let’s say this happened to your loved one. The same question applies. Do you have all the pertinent and vital documents ready and available to implement whatever is necessary on a loved one's behalf?

If these questions make you even the slightest bit nervous, then do something about it today. Simply click the button below to purchase the LegacyWorks Gold and get started on leaving an indelible legacy.



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