Digital: LegacyWorks GOLD


Digital: LegacyWorks GOLD


With your purchase of the LegacyWorks Gold, you will receive a link to download the following Microsoft Word documents. 

This link will expire 24 hours after it's first clicked.

Here is a list of the fillable forms that you'll receive:

  1. Personal Data

  2. Immediate Contacts

  3. Medical Info, Legal Docs & Meds

  4. Legal & Financial Information

  5. Info & Passwords for Technology

  6. Location of Special Data & Items

  7. Funerary Wishes Final Arrangements

  8. The Big List

  9. Distribution of Personal Items

  10. The Brys 99 – Questions All About You

  11. LegacyWorks Letters - Basic, Apology, Love, Regrets, Secrets

PLUS! Lisa is also including a BONUS letter "Where Are You?" for you to complete and give to your family and friends.

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