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Who are you?

  • Busy professional who wants to increase productivity & improve time management?
  • Entrepreneur drowning in paperwork & stress?
  • Home-based business owner with blurred lines & clutter everywhere?
  • Working mom & wife who wants more quality time with your family?
  • Small business owner with too much to do & not enough time?
  • Average person who wants to gain better control over time, space, clutter & activities?
  • Facing a major transition in life & feel overwhelmed by action items, to do lists, and managing the process?


Case Studies

Help for Working Moms!

Decluttered and organized home for a busy working mom of three, deeply involved in church and community, plus caretaker for her mother’s estate — including clutter, time & activity management.

Organized Business System!

Developed new paper and time management system for a frustrated business owner at his place of business which shifted the atmosphere of the workplace from tense and stressful to manageable, peaceful and pleasant.

Made Time for What Matters Most!

Developed new time and activity management system for a busy entrepreneur so he had time off for Friday afternoon golf plus evenings and weekends for family activities. Fore! 

Compassion & Support

Assisted a widow struggling with her late husband’s belongings, both at home and at work, so she had the support to make sound decisions during the entire process.

Smoother Operations

Decluttered home and business environments for a busy female entrepreneur — including ease of a “daily function plan” along with a donation and storage system for future plans.

Organized Bliss for a Happy Life!

Delivered stress-free solutions and a brand new basement “man cave” for newlyweds as they merged their households and eliminated unnecessary items and belongings.

Donation Organization

Organized a large warehouse for a non-profit and established new system to streamline the processing of donated items. 

Stately Home Office

Converted room in a large, busy household for husband’s new stately home office.

Once Lost Now Found!

Found money, uncashed checks, stocks, deeds, misplaced paperwork and documents, passports, keepsakes and even a lost $30,000 anniversary ring!